Closing Day

slide_closing-dayWhether you’re buying a home or selling one, those two words can conjure a spectrum of emotions. First time home buyers are excited and maybe intimidated. Sellers in a short sale situation can be understandably frustrated, even angry. Buyers and borrowers can feel a bit exposed, after revealing everything about themselves to the lender just to get a seat at the closing table. Estate and divorce sellers can bring a new level of emotions to the table.

And then, with a seeming endless stream of documents to sign and share, there’s the dread and promise of writer’s cramp.

As a title agent and closer, I’ve sat at countless closing tables and I can tell you this, with all sincerity:  I look forward to closing day.

My job is to make closing day as smooth and stress free as possible–and to remember, throughout our hopefully short time together, that you are a person not a process.

Your job is get plenty rest the night before closing, clear a couple of hours from your schedule, make sure your hand muscles are warm and ready to sign, and ask any and all questions you have during the process. 

The closing is the last stop on your journey to buy or sell. It’s about you, your questions, and your concerns. When you leave, I want you to feel that you matter and that you’ve been treated with respect and professionalism. That’s my goal.

It is rewarding to share in the excitement, ease the frustration, and most importantly, know that the job has been done right. Even though this is the next step in your journey, I gain more from each transaction than anyone who leaves the closing table.