Glossary - I

Inchoate Curtesy
The imperfect interest which the law gives a husband in the lands of his wife. This is the counterpart of Inchoate Dower


Inchoate Dower
The imperfect interest which the law gives a wife in the lands of her husband. This is an interest which upon the death of the husband may ripen into possession and use. Most states have abolished dower rights.


To make payment for a loss or to secure against a loss.


The right to enter a tract of land. Often used interchangeably with “access.” (See Access)


A contract of indemnity against specified perils.


Insurance Loan
When cash value of a life insurance policy is borrowed by the insured.


Inter Alia (Latin)
“among other things”


Interim Financing
Temporary or short term loans. Often used with new construction. Usually replaced with a permanent long-term mortgage.


A person who dies having made no will or having made a defective will, causing his estate to descend to his heirs at law or next of kin.


Involuntary Lien
A lien against property without the consent of an owner. Examples: taxes, special assessments, federal income tax liens, judgments, mechanics liens.

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